Saturday, July 6, 2013


Hello Friends.

So I come inside from doing a patrol of the property and what do I see?

MOM's "going away" bag.  Woo Hoo!  We are taking a trip, an adventure.

"Hey MOM where are we going?"
"I'm going Goosie"
"You mean WE are going."
"Oh Bubba Goo I wish you could come, but I am taking the youth at church on their annual summer retreat to Bear Lake."
"I love Bear Lake!  We've been there lots of times."
"I know but the cabin I rented for them does not allow dogs."

"Look you can just sneak me into the cabin in your bag.  No one will notice."
"Ummmm, yea, I don't think that will work.  But you get to go stay at Bert's place while I'm gone."
"You know I love Bert, butt I want to come with you {tear forming in my eye}."
"Gooseberry there is nothing I would want more, but it's just not possible.  Don't worry you will have a great time at Bert's."
"{tears falling on my whiskers} OK. {sniff sniff}.  If I have to go then I will need to pack a few things."

"Can't leave Billy home alone.  And you know I need to keep an eye on Sneaky Snake.  This cool drool Frosty Paws pack is coming in handy."
"OK, you can take Billy and Sneaky."
"Wait, I'm not done yet."

"Can't forget Jeremiah and Cheeto and if I take Cheeto then his friend Girly Gorilla needs to come.  Oh and a few bottles of Chasing Tail to share with all the dogs at Bert's."
"I'm not sure Miss Vickie allows beer at her place."
"Butt it has Bert's picture on it.  She'll be fine with it, trust me."
"Is that all?"

"Oh I better bring my treat bucket.  I promise I'll share with everypup."

"OH and one more thing, I better take this picture of you and me."
"Goose I am not sure that is necessary."
"Trust me IT IS!"
"I don't think all of that will fit in your pack."

"It will all fit, just stick Jeremiah, Girly and our picture in the side pocket."

Well my friends looks like I'll be spending several days with my buddy Bert.  Guess I won't be able to stop by your places for a little while.  I tried to get the laptop in my pack but that would mean I would have to leave behind my picture of my MOM and well, well that is just not possible.  If you are in our area stop by Bert's for a beer and yummy salmon treats.


  1. Goose, I don't like when Mom goes away either, but I bet you will have a blast with Bert and pals. I will cross paws for GooseMom to have a safe and wonderful trip.

    Loveys Sasha

  2. Goose, we think you might need an extra paw or two getting that stuff over to Bert's. MOL! We hope your Mom and her wards have a wonderful and safe trip. XOXOXO

  3. Goose...You made me laugh over all your luggage. We may be related. Hope you have a good time at Bert's and that mom and the kids have a great time at their retreat.

  4. No worries Goose we see you when we see you. Have fun at Berts' place. Have a serene Sunday and stay cool.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. have a wonderful time with Bert, you certainly will not be missing anything at all, except of course MOM...

  6. Oh, Goose, you are so funny! I know you will have a great time with Bert. We will miss you while you are away.

  7. Maybe you just need one of those rolling suitcases for you stay....we know you will miss your mom but you will have a blast at Bert's place

  8. Oh Goosey, you have some many cool things, I wouldn't want to leave any of them at home either. And I love how one friend can't leave the other at home. We hope your Momma has a nice time, but we also hope she comes back soon for ya!

  9. Oh Goose, that is so sad that you can't go with your Mom and we know she is sad about that too. But you will have so much fun with Bert especially since you are taking everything in the house with you. Take care.

  10. Good thing you won that Frosty Paws backpack so you can pack all your things for your trip to Bert's. Have fun. We can't wait to hear all about your adventures when we get back.

    Millie & Walter

  11. Goose, you are too cute for words this morning! That's a lot of stuff to be packing and somehow we think you're gonna get it all smushed in your new backpack. You may want to paw-carry the picture so the glass doesn't break.

    Have fun at Bert's and you'll be back home before you know it.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  12. BOL - gotta love the Chasing Tail!

    Mom's the same way when she travels - she wants the things that make her happy and comfortable to come with. ...and yes, it makes the suitcase heavy!


  13. Safe travels to mom and youth and Goose you are an extraordinary packer of important things. Have a good visit w Bert and remember no getting in stinky stuff
    Madi your bfff

  14. it's a good thing you won that special backpack. Hope your MOM has a great adventure with those kids and you have a wonderful time with Bert and pals. We will check in next week. hugs

  15. Who is a dog? You are a Weim. I wish we could spend this time together, I'm sure we would have tons of fun. But to be together with Bert sounds great too! Have a good time at Casa Bert and I hope your mom has a great time at the Bear Lake.

  16. GOOSE.... how could your mom even THINK that you could survive without all of your STUFFS??? Your Frosty Paws Back Pack arrived just in time... BUTT buddy we think you might need to think of a WAGON fur those EXTRA THINGYS.
    We will miss you butt know that both YOU and your mom are gonna have a super duper time... even though they will be very different.
    Say hi to BERT fur us... butt stay away from Allred... he scares us, you know.

  17. Hari Om
    Gracious Goose, that's some excess luggage you got going there! All important stuffs though, I agree. Mom will bring back lots of piccies for you and lots of tails tales to share, as I am sure you will have for her.

    and we all look forward to sharing in them!! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xx

  18. Bet you will have a great time hanging out with Bert and we know Miss Vickie will take good care of you. Your are so sweet to take the picture of you and Mom with you. your Mom will have fun too although probably not as much fun as it would be with you there too.
    See you soon Goose Buddy.
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  19. You, Bert, AND salmon treats?!?!?! I am so there! Let me just get Zimmie to drive me out - look for me soon!!!

  20. Have a great time at Bert's! I know he'll treat you right. And isn't that backpack just the best? We love ours!


  21. OMD Goosie, I loves this post so much. One can never be too prepared for these kinds of outings, you knows. Keep an eye on your stuffies, and I knows your mama will be back soon!


  22. Have a good time with Bert, Goose. You sure know how to pack! I'm going to take lessons from you.

    Tell your mom to have a good time at camp, too!

  23. Hey Bubba Goo!
    Wow, that alone makes me rofl! Anyway, I'm sorry your peep is abandoning you, but I think an outing with Bert would be a ton of fun. Good thing you got that pack, but I think you need another one. I'd never leave that pawesome gorilla. I could send my Mom over to sit on your pack and that should help you fit more in! BOL ahem.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  24. Well Goose it's a sad thing when the moms go away without us but you do get a chance to use your kewl new pack and it looks like you can fit all your essentials in it...Have a great time with Bert and we'll see you soon

  25. I knew that backpack was gonna get some good use Goose!! Sorry your MOms is leavin', butts she'll be safe, and you will gets to take care of Bert and all the doggies there. And, you'll have your Moms pic under your pillow if you need extra comfort!
    Ruby ♥

  26. From My VIckie
    My Dear Goose, We are so excited to have you come and stay with us for a while and you know I love it when your mom sends treats for everyone, but my little Goose know the house is very very small and we do not have very much storage room so I must ask you to leave Sneaky Snake behind. I know this will be hard, but besides not having much room, I do beleive Sneaky Snake would be in danger here. (You know how Bert is with just about everything he can lay his mouth on) But don't worry, we will do our very best to make you as comfortable as possible while Miss Michelle is away. We have your bed ready, your food bowl, the pools are all filled, the trees are offering lots of shade and Allred is in a particularly good mood these days so it should be a painless visit for you.
    My Vickie

  27. Wow Goose, you do know how to travel. We know how hard it is to leave OUR Mommy so we do understand. Bet you have a fantastic time. See ya when you get back. We could snake sit for Sneaky Snake while your gone. Mommy used to have a Sneaky Snake named Clyde when she was young.

    ♥♥♥♥Mommy's Girls, Mona & Prissy

  28. Aw, Goose. I know you're gonna miss your mama but it sure sounds like Bert and his mama are gonna be welcoming you with open paws. Did you remember to pack a camera?

  29. Golden Laughs! Mom said she got to buy those Bert's beer. You have a PAWsome time with Bert. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  30. Hoomins like to Go Visit places sometimes. But Mom will be back, don't worry. :)

  31. We know you will have a great time with Bert! And you are definitely prepared! Have fun!

  32. Have fun! Tell Bert we said hi. :)

  33. We are sure you are going to have a good time, but we think it was great you made your mom feel a bit bad about leaving you. You are more likely to get treats this way!

  34. WOW Goose, you have quite a load in that backpack. Yes, I would say you definately need the picture!! You will have fun at Berts and she will be home before you know it.

    Jazzi and Addi

  35. Goose and Mom, I really am so sorry that I keep missing your posts--I have got to pay better attention and carve out time to see what you all are up too because I don't like to miss your fun and adventures--It looks like I'm showing up just as this one is getting started, and it looks like you are both well prepared, and I hope that you BOTH have fun!!!

  36. Bawahhwawwahh I just love your packing Goose, how cool you get to stay at Berts, what fun you will have whist Moms away.. xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  37. Hahaha, you always make me laugh Goose! I think you packed everything you own there! Have a super time at Berts, see you when you get back! I'm looking forward to seeing what you and Bert got up to!
    Pippa :)

  38. Goose, you pack like me! We gotta have it ALL! I know you'll have a wonderful time with Bert and all his peeps and I know your MOM will be thinking about you tons while her kiddos are seeing and creating more beautiful in the world! Happy seeing beautful, my friend!

  39. Goose you have a great time with your buddy bert and i know will be home real real soon!
    stella rose

  40. Goose you are simply the best! I know you will miss mom - in the meantime hope you both have a wonderful time and sounds like you have everything you need :)!

  41. Goosie, you should put Mom's pic IN your laptop, then you could pack it all!

    Seriously, have a wonderful time with Bert! And safe travels to Mom!

  42. Tell Bert to fire up the grill, I'm on my way.

    Your pal, Pip

  43. I cannot BELIEVE your momma would rent a cabin that DIDN'T allow you! That's just speciesist!

  44. Oh Goose you made my day with packing up your pack with all your friends. :) Hope you and your Mom enjoy!

  45. Oh Goose, your sweetness make my heart feel joyful :)

    I hope you have a great time at Bert's and your Mom has a great time at Bear Lake. I know your Mom will be missing you lots and you will be so happy to see each other when she comes back home!

  46. have a great trip and we aprove of your packing

    urban hounds

  47. Have a good time. When you get back we hope you stop by!

  48. Goose, we know that you'll miss your mom, but you certainly are well prepared! We're still giggling at the photos!