Sunday, March 17, 2013

MOM's Mischief

Hello Friends.

This past weekend MOM and I went on a little adventure.  I know we were suppose to meet up with our friends for some romping and playing.  But sometimes a Goose just has to spend time alone with his MOM.  And while I missed hanging with my friends, I really enjoyed just being with my MOM exploring, and walking, and finding our way through the woods.  

Here we are at the beginning of our adventure.  This may look familiar to you.  This is where a couple of weeks ago I spotted a stick in the rapids and MOM would not let me go get it because of the drop off right below my paws.

Yep that stick is still there from a couple of weeks ago.  It's on the right.

Oh my goodness I see another stick in need.  Do you see it?  Do you also see that MOM still has me on my leash?  She said because of all the melted snow it has made the ground above the river unstable and it keeps crashing into the river.  So I have to stay on my leash for a while.  WHAT?!  It doesn't look that bad to me.  But still she would not let me off my leash.  Sheesh!  But then in order to show you the collapsing ground MOM did something mischievous.

She tied me to a tree that was out of danger and went over to take a picture of the danger area.  

AND THEN in order for you to see it better she got on her tummy and leaned out to take this picture.  See all those things hanging down at the top right?  Those are tree roots!  And she calls me mischievous for wanting to go get those sticks out of the water.  I call her crazy!

Oh My!  I see another stick!  This is killing me.  

But you know what.  We hiked through the woods and found a "safer" way down to the water and Oh Dog did I hit the mother load of sticks!  You'll have to come back tomorrow to see what else I found.


  1. Looks like you and your mom had a great adventure! Your mom is one brave lady for getting closer to the danger area.

  2. Hehehe, your Mom sure was mischievous Goose (and probably in need of a bath after lying in her tummy ;-P) ! Oh your hike looked like so much fun, even on leash, and at least you were able to get to the mother load of sticks! Happy Monday!

  3. Hey Goose! Today my furiend, Mable Lou showed me how to rescue a stick! Wow! What a rush!! You are the champ and I know you!! How cool is that!


  4. Good thing the ground didn't give way under your mom or you would have had to rescue her! I can't wait to see what else you found.


  5. Your mom is like a super journalist...anything for a story.

  6. Oh no, no Stickwatch today Goose but we are glad mum thinks of your safety first.
    Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. wow, you sure hit the jackpot with all those sticks! it must be the luck of the irish is still with you.
    hey MOM, be careful out there!!!
    wags, bailey

  8. Yikes. That looked scary to us!! You are brave...and so is your mommy. (Oh, it also looks COLD.)
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD & Hootie

  9. Hehehehe...I can't helps but laugh cuz my mum does weird things to gets a foto too. And unfortunately mum ain't as agile as her once was. I hope your MOM is more graceful then mine when hers gets up.
    Hmmm, interestin'...I always has to be on on my leash and I mean ALWAAAAAAAYS!
    I feel so bad fur all them poor little defenseless sticks out in da water.


  10. MOL MOL the visual of your mom doing the belly crawl to take a picture was just too vivid!!
    Sounds like she was the one who needed to be tethered to the tree not you.
    Dad says my mom will DO anything for a picture but the good news since she takes must of me the are all indoors. Jumpin' Cat fish is that a stick birthing center.
    Hugs and thanks for the LOL/MOL
    your BFFF Madi and Mom

  11. you are so brave to to in that cold water, can't wait to see your mother lode of sticks.

  12. Woof! Woof! Not mischief at all. Your mom just want you to be safe. But being off-leash is the greatest thing. Happy Monday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. You have lost your snow haven't you? Goose, you are such a good friend to sticks in need and your mom is a bit crazy, but in the best possible way!

  14. "the motherload of all sticks." - Goose, only you could say this and make me laugh like crazy. thanks for that. Oh, and please tell your MOM to be careful hanging over the side of unstable ridges. We'd hate to see you tear down a tree rescuing her, and we know you would.

  15. There are alot of great sticks around there! Sounds like your Mom better be on the leash next time for her own safety! MOL! Happy Monday, furriends. XOXO

  16. I love my Momma time too. Can't wait to see what else you found.

  17. OK, I don't feel so bad now cause I got to go play with the horse babies up in the mountains while you was hiking along the river. My Vickie says that even though I am a reat swimmer, that the next few months I wont' get to get in the water either. I am glad your mom didn't fall over the side taking those pictures, but she sure got some good ones, showing how dangerous that area ia.
    See ya later dude

  18. I bet your Mom says the same thing mine does: "No stick is better than no dog." I don't know what that means, but Moms seem to know when it's not safe for us doggers.

  19. "The King of Sticks" is on the loose, all will be saved, Yea!

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  20. Oh that was a dangerous picture story, WOW! What else have you found? I'm so curious... can't wait for tomorrow ;o)

  21. You are indeed the stick rescuer extraordinaire and sometimes you know you need some "Mom and Me" time.

  22. Goose, you need to come to my house!! My dad could have used your help this weekend cause he was gathering up tons of stick in the yard!!


  23. Hari OM
    Surely Goose had bumps??!! That spring water would have been chill-eh! But I understand your need to take care of sticks. Dear old Jade-dog was quite the stick-adopter also. Your MOM sounds like my kind of adventurer - will you thank her for joining in circles with me. (appreciate it &>) I look forward to seeing what came next. Stay warm! YAM-aunty

  24. Your Mom sure did get into some mischief there! :)

  25. Goose, you and MOM better stay safe! Can't wait to hear more about what you found. We were very windy here yesterday so I bet there are lots of sticks in our yard that blowed off the trees. You are welcome to come over and help yourself to all you want!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  26. Beautiful spot. Sometimes you do need some Mom time.

  27. We can NOT believe that your mom is such a DARE DEVIL.
    Goose you found the Stick SANCTUARY of all Sanctuaries. YOU lucky DAWG you!!! Did you also find a MILKBONE depository???

  28. Your Mom sure WAS mischievous - fine example she was setting for you. We will forgive her though because at least she didn't go after those sticks.

    Can't wait to see all your great finds, Goose.

    Woos - the OP Pack

  29. Your mama is funny! I can just see her down on her tummy with camera in hand!
    You would make a good driftwood hunter. People sell driftwood for lots of money on ebay. Maybe you could make you mama rich and she will buy you tons of treats?!?

  30. Thanks for the tour, Goose. So glad you were able to get in river in the end. I bet that water was cold from all the melted snow!

    Your pal, Pip

  31. Howdy Goose, So glad your mom found a safe place for you to gather sticks. That was a great shot your mom got of the erosion. I'm happy you had an adventure with her. Wish you could have had a nice Irish dinner with us though. Happy Monday.
    Noreen & Hunter

  32. you sure have an adventure filled life goose

    urban hounds

  33. Goose, youz tellz ya Mommy to be careful, she'z finking she'z Bear Grill'z ..Bawhaaawahh xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  34. So glad you finally got to rescue some sticks, Goose! Tell your mom to be careful out there!

  35. Glad to read that your mom keeps you safe! We can't wait to see what you found.

    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Phoebe, Lily, Paris, Punkin, Annabelle and Lucy

  36. See, your Moms is soooo smart Goose! She wouldn't let you get that measly single stick in the danger area, so she guided you to the safter MOTHER LOAD of stickies!! Brilliant. Now, I thinks your Moms deserves a treat...

  37. Looks like more than melted snow, more like flood waters carved out a new bank. With all the sink holes opening up lately in the news be careful on your adventures.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  38. Oh, wow! That does look mighty scary, Goose! If you went in there to rescue those sticks, your MOM might have to jump in and rescue you! How cool that you found a safer entrypoint!
    Play bows,

  39. Yep! Spring is coming and the rivers is rising! We can't see the rocks in the river behind our house any more!

  40. Hahahahha bet your Mom's belly was covered in mud from her lil bit of mischief :P

    Glad you found a safe place to play with the sticks Goose - Yay!

    Waggin at ya,