Monday, March 4, 2013

Lost, Search For & Found

Hello Friends.

I struggled whether to post this today in light of our pal Remington crossing over the Rainbow Bridge.  But after much thought and encouragement from some blogging friends we decided to share the tale.  So let us begin.

This past Saturday I went for a walk with my friends at The Pond.  I think there were about 10 of us.  There were the usual friends and a couple new ones who joined us.

It was a beautiful day for a walk with my friends.

We romped and played.

You all know my buddy Bert.  Yea that's him right up there.  He is waiting for my MOM to throw him a snow ball.  If it has the word ball in it he is all kinds of crazy for it.  

That's my new friend Ky.  Remember when she greeted me she kissed my ear.  Oh it was so much fun.  Running through the snow, jumping over logs, playing chase.  Finding sticks.  

As you may remember this is where I said the "Lost" story began.  Right after this photo was taken we walked a little further and then MOM stopped to toss Bert some more snow balls into the woods.  It was then that she thought she heard something fall.  She garbed her hip area and then looked to the ground.  "OH NO!" she thought.  "My monitor is gone."  It was no where to be seen anywhere on the ground.

It is here that I think I must give you a little background.  Back a few months ago when I got real sick and I was taken to the ER Vet, when my MOM left the ER with me still there not knowing if I would make it or not, one of her thoughts on the drive home was, "What am I going to do without him."  While that statement says a lot, for my MOM there is one more added piece.  

While I am not trained to do this, I always know when my MOM is going into a medical condition.  These can be, and have been, very serious.  When I notice something is not right I do all I can to get her to know it too.  Barking, pulling at her, laying on her and licking her face, whining.  You name it, I do it to get her to respond and take appropriate action.  So one of her thoughts was, what was she going to do when I am not here any more to help her.

So after all turned out OK with me, and I am going as strong as ever, she went to the doctors to see what could be done.  Long story short my MOM has to wear two thingys.   One is a monitor that, as the name indicates, monitors her medicals stuff.  It sounds an alarm when things are not right and when things start to trend in a bad way.  She also has to wear a pump that pumps the stuffs she needs into her 24/7.

The thing on the left is the monitor.  And the thing on the right is the pump thingy.  Sorry if I am using to many technical terms.  These things clip to her belt or pocket.  The monitor has a transmitter with a needle on it that is attached to MOM's abdomen.  And the pump works about the same way with a pod that is attached to tubing which is attached to the pump.  The pod and tubing are also attached with a needle that is also inserted into her abdomen.

Pump thingy on the left, monitor transmitter on the right.  She has to wear all this stuff 24/7 except when she showers.  And she has to change out those things on her abdomen every few days so infections don't happen from the needles that are inserted in her. 

Well the monitor was missing.  While some of the pups and peeps kept on walking the rest said they would walk back the way we came to help us find it.  Me, MOM, Ky and her peep walked a head pretty fast.  Bert and the rest of the pack were behind us.  

MOM and I got all the way back to the car and we did not find it.  MOM put her camera away and we head back and met up with Bert and the rest.  MOM said she was going to retrace her steps again and Bert said "I can help".  Seems that Miss Vickie told Bert to do a search when we were head back to the parking area.  She told him "Bert, slow search, Michelle."  But I guess because MOM and I were so far ahead of them he thought he was actually searching for my MOM and he did a very good job of following her every step back to the cars.

So this time Miss Vickie told us to stay with them.  Then she told Bert, "Slow search Michelle."  Well my MOM was standing right there so he somehow knew it wasn't my MOM he was searching for but something that smelled like her.  And off we went.

 MOM and I followed Bert and he sniffed and ran, sniffed and circled, sniffed and looked around.  

And then half way back around the pond there it was.  Next to some trees in some tall grasses.  HE FOUND IT!!  Can you believe that?  I am still amazed at the whole thing.  Miss Vickie said because he knows my MOM so well, all she has to do is tell Bert to search for Michelle and he knows what to look for and what to smell for, even if he does not have a sent article to go off of.  If you are not amazed by that.... well I just don't know what to say.

That's my buddy BERT, the hero of the day.  

We all have our special gifts.  Remington was a friend to Everyone and always made each of us feel special.  Bert with his therapy work helps heal the sick and he is an excellent search dog.  I have the gift to know exactly what is happening with my MOM and can alert her.  All of us, ALL OF US, have that special something that makes this world a beautiful place.  Don't you agree?


  1. AGreed! Great story. (gave Mommy shivers) We're so glad she found her monitor.

    We were so saddened to hear about lovely Remington. Purrs and pawsitive thoughts to his family.


  2. :-D What a wonderful post and story Goose!! Oh my goodness, Bert has an incredible talent and I am so happy that he was able to find your Mom's medical stuffs!! Of course, I'm sure you had total faith in him to begin with! It is very true...we all have fantastic and useful gifts! I think you not only have the power to know your Mom, but also of sight (and I'm not just talking eye kind) cause you are able to see messages and truths in tons of situations! I didn't know Remington but he sounds like a pawesome dude...he will definitely be missed! :-)

  3. I do agree! and I am amazed. So glad that your monitor was found. Bert is awesome.

  4. We were devastated to hear about our Buddie Remington, we thought he would have more time and our hearts go out to Mike and Beth.
    How fantastic Bert finding Mommy's medical thingy..That was truly amazing :) xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. Wow what an amazing find and what a great nose Bert has. Pawsome! High 5 Bert! We too are just so so sad re Remington. We pray for strength for Beth & Mike. Just awfully sad.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. We are so glad you went ahead and posted this.. because yes, each one of our blogville friends is special, important, and loved....

    What a great example of all three characteristics...

    Mr. Remington would have been proud of you both.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie, and Newby

  7. Goose and Mom and Bert and Miss Vickie!!
    what an amazing search and find. OMDs who would have thought in all that snow you could find it. Determination and love drove you all to find it ..that and Bert's excellent nose.
    This is a tiny miracle we think!! Remington was romping and sniffing with you all in know he loved a good game in the snow.
    Lots of hugs and all around
    Madi your BFFF and Mom

  8. What a very nice post. It is lucky you had Bert with you to help find it. It is excellent that you can help your mom when she needs you most. Our Lady says all we do is cause mischief and push her closer to the grave . . . . we are just waiting for our special moment! Have a great day. Lee and Phod

  9. Hi Goose, wonderful post today and the specail post about our dear Rainbow friend Remington, I am totally amazed at the whole thing too, Bert is so super talanted and Miss Vickie has him really well trained, I think that both Bert and Miss Vickie are both incredible and are so very gifted to give so much love with thier therapy work and ofcourse you Goose and incredible too with your special gift to help your Mom, you are all great inspirations to us, I believe that everyone has a gift to give, no matter how small or how big! Bert finding your Moms medical equiptment is a mini miracle, its special and Mum says that all dogs are miracles with paws!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from your furiend Frank xxxxxx

  10. This is truly amazing. You and Bert each have special talents and put them to very good use.

    Now how can we keep Blogger from dumping Bert in the SPAM folder? We found him there again this morning.

  11. That is really amazing. Truly. Excellent job Bert!

  12. That Bert sure has a special nose and he and Miss Vickie sure have a special working relationship. Mom says my special gift is making her and daddy laugh everyday.


  13. that is indeed amazing gifts you all have and thank dogness for Berts special sniffy nose and your ability to help your mom.

  14. Well Goose Buddy, you know I would do anything for you, but lets not forget to mention that your mom spotted her monitor seconds before I would have grabbed it.

    And we know that when I grab something, it doesnt always come out without a tooth mark or two. I was just so sure that she was gonna throw it for me and I could chase it down and bring it back to her. You know I think she has the best throwing arm in the whole world.

    But My Vickie told me later that, that would not have been good cause that little tiny box cost over $8,000.00

    She was glad we didn't have to buy a new one for you.

    Dude I love you and your Michelle and I am so glad we are all friends. I'd do anything for you and her.


    1. MOM only spotted it as you were headed right for it. I think she might have skipped right by it if she had not been following your lead. Don't sell yourself short buddy. You found it and pointed us in the right direction.

  15. WOW!! Bert, you're a SUPERSTAR! That's so totally pawsome. I don't know if I could've found it like that. What a grreat story.

  16. Great great story! You are right we all have our special gifts and yours and Berts are super special.
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  17. Oh what a story!!! Bert was really the hero of the day. I'm so glad he found this thingy ;o) I agree we all have that special something ;o)
    I feel sorry for Remington and his family, it's so hard to write something while shedding tears...

  18. Bert is a superhero isn't he!!!! I am so glad you have your momma and she has you...God gives us the most wonderful gifts doesn't he in packages we would never have expected!
    We were so sorry to read about Remington, he was so beautiful.
    stella rose, and mags

  19. Yes, we agree 100%. We all have a purpose. Thank goodness Bert saved the day!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  20. Now you got my Mom crying all over again!
    Thank you for sharing such and wonderful story.
    Goose, you and Bert are both amazing.
    I can see the love you share with everyone.
    Truly a Blessing to all of us.

    xo Cinnamon

  21. Wow, Bert truly IS a hero - great job, Bert. We are very happy that your Mom has you to alert her but it is very wise for her to have another option if she goes somewhere without you. When Mom was teaching, she had a student who had one of those gizmos too - he used to have lots of bad crises until he got his monitor.

    We are so glad that your tale had a happy ending.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  22. Woof! Woof! A HAPPY HAPPY Story. Woof! Woof! To BERT, he is well trained and such a Golden HERO. Lots of Golden hugs to your mom that everything is all right. We know you take good care of her. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  23. WOW. That is an amazing dog. And what a great happy ending! I'm glad you have Goose and your monitor. :)

  24. What an amazing story! Glad it ended on a positive note! Yes, I would have to agree with you there at the end.

  25. I think that the lovely pictures and story are a great tribute to dear Remy

    urban hounds

  26. I cried tears of sadness for Rem and Beth and Mike, now i have cried happy tears for you and mom and wonderful Bert. glad you shared the story and Beth will love it to

  27. Oh, that Bert is such a STUD!!! Good job Bert! That would have really sucked if your Moms would have had to buy another monitor box. You know you are just as much of a stud too Goose! The joy you bring to everyone is heroic.

  28. My thoughts and prayers are with Remington's family. I think the way you couched this beautiful post, honoring the gift that we can all offer was a way to celebrate Remington. Those gifts, that can't be bought or owned, but are felt, are ones we can spend our lives treasuring in our hearts and memories. Bert finding your monitor had it's immediate "tangible" need filled, but the memory of the deep understanding of "Search, Michelle" and knowing the importance will be a gift you remember forever. That is beautiful.

  29. This story blows me away!!! That Bert is a hero for sure!! WOW! you are so lucky to have such a good friend!

  30. I certainly do agree! You are both amazing and so was Remington. We truly are man and womans best friends.

  31. THIS is just the kind of Post that Remington would have LOVED.
    WOW Bert is the Hero of the Day!! THAT is super Wonderful.

    YES Goose... we each have some strengths and some weaknesses... Butt we are ALL SPECIAL..
    THANK you fur REMINDING US of that.

    We are just THRILLED that your mom got her thingy back.
    THANK YOU fur this GRRRREAT Post!!

  32. Goose, that is just so wonderful. When we read stories like these we are so glad we are part of your family, your Blogville family! Bert is a special boy for sure and we love hearing about his search skills. You are extra special to be able to sense when your mum needs help and we have seen this done with people who suffer from epilepsy too. A happy ending for all. Hugs to you all mates. NO worries, and LOVE, Stella and Rory

  33. Oh, I definitely agree, Goose! That is such a great story that shows how RIGHT you are!
    Way to go, Bert! Wow, are we ever glad he found the thingy. (I hope I'm using the right technical term. You're really smart to know those words!)
    Thank you for sharing the story.
    Play bows,
    PS: I love what you're doing with your ears in that last photo!

  34. Wow, Bert is just amazing. I think Remington would have loved this post, he probably is reading at the bridge and smiling down now. :)

  35. That looks like such a fun time... and we're very sorry to hear about your friend.

  36. Wow, that is really amazing, Goose! I had no idea Bert had such a special talent! And I also think it is really amazing how you are able to help your mom so much, especially when no one even taught you how to do it! You two are both such special pups!!

  37. Goose
    That is just so cool! Me does not do anything like that..well except me knows when Mommy is feeling unhappy and then me is all over her like a little blanket!!! And Cinnamon will go get Bob's ball in the deep or slippery snow, because Bob has had a bad leg since she had a stoke in the fall. But Yous and Bert...that is just the best!

  38. Goose what a wonderful story. Amazing job Bert did, we are amazed that you help your mom like you do. It's so special, that your only training is knowing your mom so well. The bond you and Bert share is pretty special to. And honestly it was so brave of your mom to have to think ahead and now wear those thingies.
    We are so so sorry to hear about Remington

    The silvers and more

  39. Wow, what an amazing glad he found it for you!

  40. We do love your story Goose
    Benny & Lily

  41. What a great story with a great lesson behind it. So glad your mom found the device she needs to stay healthy. Bless you for looking out for her, too :)

  42. Brudder Goose, I am utterly shocked and in awe! t amazin' watch Bert help find your MoOM's monitor doohickey! Dude, I would has so loved to have been ables to see him work likes dat. Of course, I has always admired trainable dogs anyhows....hehehehe. I is so happy your MOM didn't has to fork out more monies on a new one.

    But I has to knows one thing. Is you your MOM's angel in disguise?


  43. So glad it was found. What a great story. I love dogs and their abilities!

  44. What a hero Bert. That IS amazing that he found it.

  45. Bert is so amazing! Remember the time he found my special collar a day after my mom lost it??? Incredible!+

  46. Bert is incredible. Thanks be to Bert. And thanks to Mr. Goose who has done the most amazing job for all these years. Wow!

  47. amazing story. you guys really are miracles with paws.
    wags, bailey <3