Friday, October 28, 2011

All Is Well

My MOM is doing just fine after her surgery, and my attempt to make her dinner. I guess what I do best is love her back to feeling better.
Two days before her surgery she took me and our friend Jenni on a fall hike, so I thought I'd share some photos of our adventure.

Fall Colors
We headed up right through the trees

I don't know why I have to be hooked to this leash. MOM says because the sign at the trail head says I have to be. But really, we are so far up from the sign, I think I should be let loose. I mean, I promise not to chase anything... unless it moves of course.
That's our friend Jenni. She got a late start and she jogged a mile or more to catch up with us. Notice she is not on a leash.

I love it up here

Then we came upon this old car in the middle of nowhere. I tried to get in to take a ride (you know how I love rides). MOM's friend, Gary who keeps our Blazer humming along and is the biggest car guy we know, says it's a 1936 Chrysler with suicide doors. How it got way out here with no roads for miles must be quite a story.
Gary wants me and MOM to take him up there so he can check it out more closely. I'd go again for whatever reason.
I fell asleep on the way home. Great day! Happy Dog! Blessed Dog!

I’m a happy dog on a walk, I yelp and woof and bark
Along with the sound I run around
I’m a happy dog on our walks.

I’m a happy dog on a walk, some may think me off the mark
But I’m not by mistake, I like it more than eating cake.
I’m a happy dog on our walks.

I’m a happy dog on a walk, I hunt like a big hairy shark
The critter's trails, puts a spring in my tail
I’m a happy dog on our walks.

I’m a happy dog on a walk, I’ll be wagging well into the dark
Enjoy fresh air and fun, is my tip everyone
Oh yes indeed I am a happy dog on our walks.



  1. Oh Goose, I have some girlz who feel the same way about the leash thing!!
    Continue to help your mum heal and feel better.
    P.s. has your mum thought about writing a book with all the wonderful poems she has composed? I think it would be a best seller. :)

  2. leash, schmeash... that's all we have to say!

    -Bart and Ruby

  3. Glad to hear she is doing well

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. Diggity dawg I had a really great comment but it got in short. love the pictures, where did you go hiking and glad your mom is ok.


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