Friday, July 14, 2017

See Beautiful

Hey All.

It time for This Moment See Beautiful!!  I have to tell you that this past week I was feeling sorry for myself.  See my momma took her kids (youth at our church) on their annual Summer Retreat.  They went to a place called Bear Lake.  I was so excited about it.  Then I found out I was not going with them.  WHAT!? Seems she would not be taking me because she would have to taking care of 15 teenagers and that is a lot of responsibility so I would have to stay behind. I was one say pup I tell you.  And just look at all the good times my momma and these kids had.

Now doesn't that look like fun?  Plus Miss Lori, one of momma's adult chaperones took her pups.  But momma said Miss Lori could do that because they are her helper dogs.  I'm a helper dog I told her.  My momma just smiled at me and said "Yes you are Buddy, but this is different."  I understand, I really do.  And those kids learned a whole lot of stuff about themselves and deepened their relationships with each other and with God and that is a Beautiful thing!  Plus it was not like my momma lock me in our house all alone for a week.  Nope, she took me to Bert's place, my best pal.

But still I was sad because I missed my momma.  So sad that I just laid on my bed and did not want to eat.

"Thank you Miss Vickie, but I am just not hungry.  I miss my momma to much."

But Miss Vickie kept talking to me and you know what she did?  She feed me my meals in my bed.  She even hand fed me.  Bert's Vickie is one BEAUTIFUL person I tell you what.

All the other dogs were a bit jealous I was getting breakfast in bed.  Especially my pal Bert, he kept licking his beautiful face and telling me he would eat my breakfast for me if it would help me fill better.

Then during the days my momma was gone I would lay on Bert's big bed and look out the window waiting for my momma.  Emie kept me company.  The is Beautiful.

While I was looking out the window my pal would do silly things to make me laugh, like sitting his big fluffy butt in this weird round wheelbarrow all full of water. He did crack me up and that is way Beautiful.  Laughter is always beautiful.

Ellie was waiting on her momma too.  Me and Ellie are good friends.  She is Bert's cousin and I see Ellie a lot at Bert's place.  We kept each other company and we would take turns making each other feel better.  That's what friends do. 
Soon enough my momma came and got me.  I did the HAPPY dance like you would not believe!  The was so much love going around that week.  Love with my momma and her kids, Beautiful.  Love at Bert's place in all kinds of way.  Not just with me, but with all the doggies who parents place their trust in Bert's Vickie when they have to go away.  And Miss Vickie treats us all like family and goes  way beyond just giving us shelter and food while we wait.  She pets us all and plays with us and gives us special attention and reassures us that our momma's and dad will come for us soon. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!  Can you See Beautiful?  I sure hope you can cuz it's out there my friends, even when we are sad, it's out there.  Now go create it, share it, and be it.



  1. oh that was a beautiful time your mama had with that teens... and I'm sure after you ate that bowl with food in bed you liked the bert-time you had too... maybe next year you can spend the time with me, I bet we will have fun too... and you can bring Bert and all your friends, of course ;o)

  2. Hari OM
    Love is all around!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. What a terrific time! It looks like you had a lot of friends over to Buddy
    Lily & Edward

  4. I see all the beauty here, from Mama at camp and you and your friends with Ms Vicki.. I know how you felt, Jakes daddy had a stroke and we have had a hard time a whole month now, Jake got so upset he was losing fur and had 5 bald patches. we thought it was mange, but it was stress related fur loss. he did not have your buddies or vicki, he was home alone for hours. we are all good now and everything is beautiful

  5. Ohhhhh Buddy, I feel you! Momma went away recently, and even though My Boy stayed with us, I missed Momma SO MUCH!

  6. Oh, I would miss my mama so bad! Don't worry, Buddy - she'll be home soon!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  7. We can tell your mom and "her kids" had a great time on their retreat. You couldn't get any better care than with Miss Vickie. Maybe some day your mom will take you along.

  8. I see so much beautiful. Miss Vickie's love and care is truly beautiful. Bert's goofiness makes me smile and is so beautiful. Most of all, the love between you and your mom is beautiful.

  9. Heart string tugs for sure :( Glad you are reunited!

  10. What a terrific time! It looks like you had a lot of friends over to Buddy
    Lily & Edward

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