Friday, October 28, 2016


Hey All.

Well here I go again.  The momma is having waaaay to much fun with me this Howlleen season.

First I am a penguin, then a bumble bee, and a shark, a alligator, and now, now I am Buddy One Eye Pirate.  Arrrrrggg. 

But I am in great company, my Angle Brother Goose was a Pirate.  He even wore the golden ear ring.

But still I will be a happy pirate when Thanksgiving gets here.  Now that is a holiday I really can get into.

Just a reminder that you can still vote (if you haven't already) for me, Bert and Belle in a photo contest at our vets, Bluegrass Animal Hospital.  All ya all have to do is click on that there Bluegrass link I have for ya and click LIKE on each of our photos.  I am the Alligator, Bert is the Pirate, and Belle is the Bumble Bee.  (Someone said they did not see Belle on the web page.  Her photo is only her head shot, not her whole costume).  Please vote and have your friends and family vote.  I am behind the Lion by only 25 votes as of this moment.  I have to get something out of all the costumes I have had to wear this season.  I thank you in advance!!  And may we all get though this crazy "dress your dog up season" with minimal damage to our image.



  1. you both are great pirates and together we could be the wildest crew of all 7 seas... maybe you can't wear a golden earring like Goose, but you can be Golden Earring with singing Radar Love to your mom :O)

  2. We voted for you! You looked grreat as a gator, but you look grreat as a pirate too!

  3. Oh, you make an AWESOME pirate!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Mags The Impaler

  4. You look grrreat...I'll vote for you!

  5. We voted!! You look totally pawsome Buddy...only a few more days of Fall dress up season left!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  6. OMD Buddy you are a SUPER GRRRREAT Pirate...

  7. I voted for all of you. You rock!!! I love that you're wearing Goose's pirate costume. Sweet memories...

  8. You totally have our vote! (So do Bert and Belle.) And we're REALLY glad that Mom doesn't dress us up! (Mostly because Dad vetoed the whole costume thing, but still, no costumes for us!)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Crazy Daisy

  9. You look so cute with this costume, Buddy!!!! I just love it!!! Happy Halloween my favorite Pirate:)