Thursday, June 9, 2016

See Beautiful

Hey My Beautiful Friends!!

Let's look at the calendar shall we.....  OH, well would you look at that, it's the 2nd Friday of the month and that means it's This Moment See Beautiful hosted by the ever so beautiful SUGAR!!!!!  Here is a little video of just a glimpse of some beautiful in my life.

Yep just a glimpse of my beautiful life.  Playing in my back yard with a few of my friends.  Bert at the airport bring beautiful to the passengers.  Bert also was there for the send off of many of our Veterans.  It's called Honor Flight.  People raise money to send these men and woman to Washington DC to see the WWII memorial.  All those brave men and woman you saw have never seen it.  Bert told me he was so humbled and honored just to meet them.  You may be wondering why and how momma and I see/saw beautiful in her recent hands surgery.  Well let me tell you my friends, my momma has been losing use of her hands for years.  And with this surgery (which went very well) it will help her with that.  Momma uses her hands ALOT, one of those ways is she cooks and feeds the homeless and those in need.  And believe me when you make about 400 meals a day it involves a lot of use of her hands.  Of course another way momma uses her hands is to love me, hug me, gives me belly rubs, takes me on walks and hikes. So I See Beautiful in the hope of new and improved hands and in the amazing doctors who can make this happen.  Of course there was tons of beautiful in the Poppy fields in the mountains, just growing wild and free.  There is beautiful in playing with toys in my living room and back yard in my forever and ever home.  Taking walks with the cutest little girl who loves animals, all animals, and who has to stop and talk to each and every one, even if it's a snail or ant.  Is there such a thing as "Beautiful Overload"?  I don't think so. 
I can't wait until I get to show you next months See Beautiful.  My momma is going to a special place on Monday, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  I don't get to go with her (I'll be at Bert's place) but she is taking 16 teenagers to Best Friends and they are going to help and love on all kinds of animals, dogs, cats, horses, birds, pigs, turtles, you name it momma and her kids are going to help.  So if you don't see any post from me next week don't worry, I'll be kicking back at Bert's and momma will be helping animals in need, and that my beautiful friends is a BEAUTIFUL thing.



  1. We truly enjoyed your Beautiful Slideshow! We sure can tell that Buddy is enjoying his life with you. Happy Weekend!

  2. Brother was that a snake at 1:21? a real s.n.a.k.e.? ... yep it was one the mama just ran over the hill... hehehe
    have a super beautiful furryday!

  3. Beautiful Overload is the perfect name for it!

  4. So much beauty in your eyes Bud! AND around you! So glad Momma's hands are healing so well. You do NEED lots of touches.
    Love, J, J, and JJ

  5. So much beauty in your life, Buddy! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  6. So much beauty! In you, Buddy, in your Momma, and in the world around you. I'm glad that your momma's hands are on the road to being better with this surgery. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  7. BTW, suddenly, Blogger is telling me that there's something wrong with the html to include the blog hop on the bottom of my post. So it doesn't show up. Do you know anything about that? I'm guessing not because it worked on your post but I thought I'd ask...

    1. I've been hitting "dismiss" and then "update" and so far it's been working fine. Maybe this has something to do with their recent change to https// ? Hopefully someone who understands these nuances can explain.

  8. Hi Y'all!

    So glad your Momma's surgery was successful. God will take good care of her, don't you worry.

    Sorry I haven't been commentin'...real life has intervened and livin' in very rural areas makes commentin' problematic...on again off again Internet. This is the third time I've started a comment to you. The other two I lost my connection.

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

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  10. Beautiful Overload! What a great month for you, and I'm glad hand surgery was successful. What an amazing experience Best Friends will be for those teens. Have fun and a safe trip.

  11. We are wishing you a very speedy recovery and 100% use of your hands again!

    Monty and Harlow

  12. Please get well soon - so many people are blessed by the use of your hands to spread the Lord's love and grace.