Friday, December 4, 2015

Card Count

Hey All.

WOW!! I just can't believe this whole receiving card thing. 
Momma hung up this card holding thing she made for my angel brother Goose, then she started hanging all my cards on it.
"Really momma I'm going to get so many cards that the ribbons will be all covered up?"  She said from her experience with Goose that the ribbons won't even hold all the cards I'll get.  So far I have 14 cards and 4 e-cards!!  I was so excited, then this happened.....

She put a Christmas sweater on me.

My reindeer Christmas sweater.  Well I guess it's not so bad.  It keeps me warm and it is the holiday season after all, so I guess wearing it will be ok.  But then.....

She put this on my head!

And then this!!!!!!!  All this just because I have more cards than her.  Not fair.  I mean look at me, I am wearing a Christmas sweater and have lights or a reindeer on MY HEAD.  Momma is all kinds of crazy.

Soon I fell asleep dreaming of when Santapaws will come to my house.
OFFICIAL CARD COUNT: Buddy-18   Momma-0



  1. this is your first Christmas with momma, trust me, there is more to come.

  2. This is so special Buddy!! AWESOME on the card is about the same here!! We LOVE your new sweater...and the headgear...we DO feel your pain!!

  3. You're a popular guy, Buddy! Your sweater is nice but I'm not so sure about the antlers...


  4. We are so glad that you Mom is celebrating Christmas with you - it will make it a special time for sure

  5. Oh I bet the name of the winner starts with a capital B :o) I love this sweater!!! My mom bought a christmas sweater for my dad... it says: jingle my bells... my dad said he rather goes nekked than to wear it... could be interesting :o) currently the sweater landed in my grampy's giftbag... not sure if he will wear it :o)

  6. 18?!? Great Dawgs that fly, that's a LOT! You look cute in your Christmas sweater but the head gear has got to go. You are too manly for those thingies.

  7. Oh, Buddy! And I thought wearing a Santa hat was bad! You are SUCH a good boy! I hope you got lots of treats for posing with those lights and everything!
    We hung up a special soldier/snowman ornament that your angel brother Goose gave our Zimmie! It brought Mom all kinds of smiles!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  8. Oooh, Buddy. Your momma sure does love to decorate you!!!! I'm glad you don't mind. And here's a hint - slip one of your cards onto her side every now and then. It'll help her feel better, and maybe she won't need to decorate you so much :)

  9. Hari OM
    Well, there ya go Buddy; Goose's paws are large ones to fill and he was the ultimate pose and wear model for momma!!! Better get used to it kiddo. Anyway, you are very very handsome in that outfit &*> Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  10. Buddy the sweater is so YOU!
    I hope our card arrives before 2016. Mom made postcards this year. They were mailed the day beforeThangsgiving! Some have made it to their destinations!
    I love your card holder and FOR sure it will be fulllll
    Madi your bfff

  11. Um . . . it might get even worse so you might as well embrace it. You do rock the sweater!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. I loves your sweater!!!!! Mom had to put our cards on da door cause we gets so many!!


  13. BOL! Welcome to Christmas, when our peeps celebrate by making US wear all sorts of kerazy stuff on our heads!

  14. BOL! Welcome to Christmas, when our peeps celebrate by making US wear all sorts of kerazy stuff on our heads!

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