Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bert the Ladies Dog

Hello Friends.

I've noticed that my buddy Bert seems to have special something about him that makes the ladies go all gaw gaw over him.  It is quite the sight to see.  Case in point.  We have a friend named Miss Sophie.  Miss Sophie, like Bert, is a therapy dog.  She works at the same hospital as Bert bringing smiles to all they meet.  She also works with Bert at the airport.  They roam around and brings smiles and relieves stress from passengers and employees alike.  This past weekend we all went on a walk together.  And sure enough Miss Sophie sees Bert and just can't help butt throw herself at him.  Just watch the video and see for yourself.

I mean really what is it about him?

Oh sure I walk along all gentledog like with Miss Sophie.

Butt soon as she sees Bert she zips past me to be with him, and jump on him, and kiss and attack him.

So as I walked along through the marsh I pondered what it is about my buddy Bert that makes the girlies go nuts for him.

Then it hit me as Miss Sophie runs to catch up with the irresistible Bert.

Just maybe...

Could it be????

All the goose poop (not mine butt the birds) that he rolls in?  Is that the reason the ladies just can't help themselves around him?  Is that his secret weapon?

Butt if that is it, the goose poop being all magical, how do you explain this........ (just watch the first video)

To my understanding there is no goose poop inside the airport, so Bert could not have rolled in his favorite cologne.  Yet when Miss Sophie sees her beloved Bert at the airport she leaps as high as the planes fly.

"Seriously Bert, what is your secret?"
"Secret?  Secret to what?"
"The girls falling all over themselves to get to you."
"Brother Goose have you seen me?  I mean just look at me!  Oh and a little splash of goose poop, the birds not yours, on the Golden furs never hurts."

And there ya have it friends..... goose poop.


  1. BOL!!! OMD, that Sophie sure can romp!! Holy Bunnie Feets! I thinks she and Speedy might be related! Butts, Goose, I thinks you are gonna have to realize that your pal Bert just has 'it'. Yups..IT. The poops that is...lots and lots of goose poop cologne! Wells, and the Golden fluffy furs don't hurt either. and the smile. Wells, who could blame the gurl?! (though, Bert is no Murphy..☺)
    I thinks you are one FABulously ManTastic Dude yourself Goose! I've seen your harem too! Just sayin'...
    Ruby ♥

  2. Oh Goose, I guess I do get a little excited when I see my boyfriend, Bert, but it isn't anything personal about you. I think you are a fine looking guy, a gentleman and the best stick finder I've ever known. And yes, Bert has fine furs, but I'll tell you a little secret. When I was just a pup, I had a vivid dream where a shaggy, golden fur dog came to me and told me Bert was his buddy and they had a lot of adventures together. He told me he had to leave, but would I stay close and make sure his buddy was okay. I promised him I would so I am just trying to keep my promise. Well that, and I have to admit the faint (and sometimes not so faint) Essence of Goose Poop are a wildly attractive combination!

  3. Oh Goose... what funny ponderings about your buddy Bert. He is just plain handsome but so are you. I bet it's the goose poop. I really do. Shyla says that both of you are super handsome!

  4. BOL! I think it's da long blonde hair more dan da goose poop myself.

  5. BOL!!! That's it Goose! The goose poop!! You know...from the birds. We think you are very handsome!! xo Chloe and LadyBug

  6. Hari OM
    OMD that gal can leap!!! What can I say Goose, but that there's someone for every one and clearly those two have found each other. Stay warm dear dog (and mom), hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. hmmmmm.... goose poop is the secret? I mean then the girls whould come to you in droves... you are THE GOOSE. And I saw that Sophie bit the golden boy in his ear at 0:30.... is that a sign of love?
    your greenfaced Bro Easy
    btw: in case goose poop IS really the secret, could you send me some of that magic stuff?

  8. We laughed and smiled until we had tears in our eyes reading your post and watching the airport video. That Bert is truly a chick magnet fur sure! We think that he could bottle up that special scent and sell it. He would make a fortune.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  9. what a fun post, can't stop smiling and i do wish i could jump as high as Sophie

  10. you gotta admit they are just the cutest together ...we loved her jump for joy when she saw him

  11. Well, we will admit we are suckers for floofy tails - but I'm not so sure about the goose poop. And Goose, you don't need goose poop - you've got a dignity that makes us swoon!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  12. Goose poop rocks the romance!

    Keep on wagging,

  13. Sophie has been in love with Bert since she was a tiny puppy dog. We really think it is time he gave her an engagement collar!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. Goose Buddy, your letting all my secrets out. I really was thinking of developing my own perfume line with "Goose La Fluer" as my signature scent. what do you thinK?

  15. Hmmmmm. I need to keep that in mind fur my next date with Maggie Mae!

  16. It must be the smile and legs
    Lily & Edward

  17. Well I can understands Bert's 'thing' for perfume goose poop! I myselfs think its a verys desirables smell... buts I'm sure all the girls go gawpy fur you to Goose!
    Enid xx

  18. Sorry Goose, some guys just have it. All the girls follow Bailey around. Katy has to keep a close eye on him.

  19. That Bert sure is a ladies man. Miss Sophie sure is a cutie.

  20. Crikey ..... Too funny!! Goose poop,aye??
    Gotta get me some of that stuff!!

  21. Hmmm.... Miss Harlow will have to study a photo of Bert. She will let you know what she decides. ;)

    Monty and Harlow

  22. Note to self: find some goose poop and find true love!

  23. Hi Y'all!

    Goose poop? really? It works? Hmmmm...

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  24. Oh, Goose! Some girls just can't resist the eau de goose poop. Myself, I would prefer Goose. I would love to walk by your side!