Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sneaky Snake Surprise

Hello Friends.

Let me tell you a "tail" of a sneaky snake surprise.

So there MOM and I were enjoying an extra long hike on Saturday.  We did not get to go last week because MOM worked to much and she had to spend all of last Saturday in Salt Lake at a meeting.
I got to wade in a pond and get a cool drink, scan for fishes.
While I was dipping my toes in the water this goose family swam over to me.  They were real friendly.  MOM is always so surprised that the birds are not afraid of me.  Now we don't touch nose to beak butt they get real close.  Those little gooses are so so cute.
We took in all the beauty that surrounded us.  Right here at this spot MOM took the time to pray, give thanks, meditate.  She likes to do that on our hikes.  I like it too.  Butt as you can see I am ready to continue our adventure.  Had I know what lie ahead I might have opted to stay a bit longer in this spot.
Cool big birds sored over head.  Our friends over at Aof4 think it is a Cormorant!  How cool is that?!
Oh I was so happy to be out with my MOM.  It was a beautiful day, just perfect.  THEN... right after the above photo was taken I was running along and BAM!!  I fell in a hidden hole.  You know a hole in the ground that is covered with grass and leaves and sticks.  I hurt my right leg.  Oh did it hurt.  MOM rushed to me got me out of the hole, checked me over.  Nothing was broken, butt it hurt.  We hobbled along for a bit.  Then she carried me.  After a while my 87 pounds got a bit heavy so she put me down to rest.  After a bit I got up and was able to walk, but with a limp.  So we moved on headed back to the Blazer.
We still had to go through some thick stuff, butt I was feeling better, we took it slow however. 
We stopped every so often to take it all in, to rest my leg.  I told MOM I was fine, butt she was being all mother like and wanted me to take my time.  Sheeeesh, a little fall in a hidden hole cannot hold the Goose back.  Butt I humored her and rested my leg every so often.
Then I heard something behind me.  It was my MOM.  I think I heard her say something like "CRAP!" or "Oh Crap".  Those may not have been the exact words, butt it's close.  Then there was the sound of breaking twigs and rustling leaves and scurrying. 
Seems my MOM stopped to pick up a little piece of trash on the ground (why do people just toss stuff wherever?  Even way in the woods we find stuff and we were not even on a trail).  When she reached for it the ground MOVED!
This sneaky snake gave my MOM a big surprised.  He/she was right by the trash and she must have thought it was a stick.  It moved, my MOM push back on her heels, fell back on her butt and she kept pushing backwards to get distance between her and the sneaky snake.
I came a runnin' lightning fast!  No sore leg was going to stop this Goose from getting to his MOM!  When I got to her I gave her kisses and asked her 87 questions about what happened.  She picked herself up, looked in the area where the snake was, took a few pictures of it (she wanted to know what kind it was).  MOM then dusted herself off.  As we stood there, I whined a little bit, MOM thought it was because of my hurt leg.  What I was really whining about was I noticed my MOM was hurt.  I poked my nose on her butt.  She yelped a little.  Turns out she had cut her tushie.  MOM said I could not take a picture of her gluetiusmaxius to show you the damage.

So I drew you a little picture of her injury.  She had to get 6 stitches on her right cheek.  (snicker snicker). 
Seriously we are all OK.  Although MOM said she will not be riding her bike for a little while.
And HEY you, Sneaky Snake, I'll be looking for you.  Take a good look at me up here.  If you scare my MOM again this just might be the last thing you see.  Of course I will first give you the chance to slither away.  You stay out of our way and we will stay out of your way.


  1. Oh dear, what an adventure you and MOM had. Sure glad the injuries were no worse than the limb and cut. Be careful out there.

  2. You know my Vickie loves you both, butt...(heHe) she still laughs a little bit wheneve she thinks of your human backing up from that little ole Garter snake in fear and cutting her butt and not even knowing it was cut till after you brought it to her attention. And she keeps pitchuring your Michelle lying on the doctors table, butt up.....while they stitch her up. It is a good thing that your humans job is a standing job. CAuse I bet there wont be much sittin for a while. Love Bert

  3. Ouch, hope your momma's bootie feels better!

  4. OMD not a double sports injury? We hope both you and mum are better today. Yikes that sure was a sneaky hole and a sneaky snake. Sending healing vibes and POTP. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Hari OM
    Oh for Heaven's sake you two, don't scare your readers like that... okay so the portraiture was funny... but be careful out there okay??? Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. I'm sure all birds love you, your name is Goose, brother. What an adventure you had. I'm so sorry that you hurt your paw and that your mom hurt her cheek. But I'm glad Mr. Snakowsky disappeared before you got him, that could end bad for dogs. Please favor your leg and cheek and I hope both parts are as good as new soon.

  7. Well that is an adventure you won't forget in a goodness - we hope you are both okay now.

  8. Of course the geese love you - geese always recognize other Gooses! ;-) And we love your graphical depiction of your Mom's injury! We are glad that neither of you is seriously injured!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  9. well this was quite the adventure and in spite of snakes and stitches and hurt paws mom got a lot of really really great photos, even the snake and you look so handsome in the green grass.. glad you are both ok

  10. OMD OMD Furst we are glad that it wasn't a CHOPPER HEAD or RATTLER Snake...
    Sorry that YOU fell in a HOLE.. (PeeS...that was NOT one of MINE... I never cover MINE up)...and hurt your Leg..
    and OMD what a BUMmer of a walkie.. In HIND SIGHT we guess you should have gone somewhere Else. Now we are NOT gonna NEEDLE your mom about this.. And we PAWmise we are NOT in STITCHES over it... BUTT we WILL admit that laugh for 87 seconds. We do think that your mom should stay FAR away from Sneaky Snakes... and learn to not ASSume that a stick is a stick and NOT a snake.
    She should let YOU check them out furst... YOU know your sticks after all.
    WE are really glad that you are both OK... Sorry that your walkie turned into a Pain in the Butt.

  11. We guess a few stitches are better than a snake bite although from what Bert says that snake wouldn't have done much damage if it had bitten.

    Glad you both are feeling better and are on the mend.

  12. What a beautiful day to spend with mom. And even a swim! That sneaky snake would scare us
    Lily & Edward

  13. Oh NO!!!! Is your MOM OK?!?!?! Didn't either Zim or Dave warn you about sneaky snakes a long, long time ago!?!? It's in the Bible: SNAKES ARE EVIL! OK, I might be paraphrasing, but I'm sure it's in there!
    I hope your leg is OK, too. That's very scary.
    I'm not surprised the gooses and puppy-gooses liked you!
    Still pretty sure that's a Cormorant!

  14. Oh no Goose and your poor mom, hope you are both feeing better after that trip out. Take care of yourselves.

  15. We have snakes here, Goose but I've never seen one like that! What kind was it? I hope it wasn't a sneaky poisonous snake. That would make it 10 times as scary! I am glad both you and mom are A-OK.

  16. Sorry you and Mom were injured. Our Mom would have been passed out cold she is not a fan of the snakes regardless of how dangerous they are.

  17. Hey Goose!
    Wow, I can't believe you both got injured! Darn holes and darn snakies. I believe that's a garter snake and not really dangerous except for the surprised and stiched behind effect. Gosh, you and your Mom will have to spend some time recovering from that. Yikes!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  18. Egads, Goose! What an adventure you and your mum had! We're glad that you're both (mostly) OK - that nobody got seriously hurt or bitten or anything else bad.

    We hope that you're both healing from your various cuts and bumps and bruises (wow! what a walk!)

    We don't mean to be nosy or rude or anything else, but we're a little concerned about the lumpses on your rumpses and nether parts in that last picture. We know your mum loves you a lot so we hope she's had a vet look at them and they're nothing bad. We just had to ask, 'cuz we're awfully fond of you, too, even though we've never met:-). Does she know what they are? I hope so, and I hope they're nuthin' bad 'cuz your awful special - all 87 pounds of you - 87 pounds? That's a lot of snuggle.

    You're real special, Goose.

    Ruthie and Bella the Rat Terrier Princess
    (neither of whom writes in their blog:-))

  19. Oh my, you had all the excitement packed into one hike. I'm glad it was only 6 stitches and not 87! I hope that both of you recover super fast. Maybe it'll keep your mom from working so much, Goose, since she can't sit!!! (I'm searching for the silver lining).

    Of course the geese aren't afraid of you, you silly Goose!

  20. OH.MY.DOG.
    Furst, I sure am glads your leggie is okay...darn holes. I bets that was dug by a pack of evil squirrels just to gets one of us doggies!!! Well, you showed them! You can tell them to take their hole and shove it up their.....tree holes!!! hehehe
    Nows, your Moms....oh man. Is it wrong that Ma chuckled??? Once she learned your Moms was okay, she thought...'that is SO something that would happen to ME!!'
    Yups! That would totally happen to Ma!!! I sure am glads you both are okays and I thinks I'll bring both of yous a fresh pitcher of margaritas!!!
    Ruby ♥

  21. Oh my goodness. Glad your mom is okay but awful she had to get six stitches. :(

  22. Hi Y'all!

    Oh Goose!!! Y'all shouldn't go hikin' without another "couple" with you. We have problems with cell phone reception here in the mountains...You need someone who can go for y'all found out, you just never know what lays beyond the next bend.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog