Monday, February 24, 2014

Sharing with Friends

Hello Friends. sent me a package and asked if I would tell them what I thought about what was inside.  I thought if my opinion was worth something then the opinion of a few of my friends would be even better. 
So I brought my box to Bert's place.  As you can see Bert is very interested in it.

"Hey Goose buddy can you give me a paw opening this box?  What ever is in here smells sooooo good."
Of course I helped my pal out.  I mean we had a very important job to do.  Taste test something.  And he was right, it smelled wonderful.
"See Bert if you start on the corner you get a better grip for rippin' the box open."
"Goose you are a genius.  I can hardly wait." 
"Come on MOM.  Pull the yummy package out.  We all are waiting!"
Ooooo. sent me some SOJO Big Dog Beef Stew Flavored treats.  They smell even better out of the box.  I know you can't tell, butt I am so excited. 
Ladies first.  That's Ellie getting a yummy yummy SOJO Treat.  And even though they say Big Dog treats all the little dogs, Willa, Josie, Oakley, Scrappy loved love loved them.  "Butt really MOM when do Bert and I get one?  I mean we are BIG dogs."
"OK OK, give one to Bert, hurry hurry.  Then me.....PLEASE."
Finally!!  Oh let me tell you puppers these SOJO Treats are fantastic!!  And they are all natural, no wheat or soy, good good stuff I tell you.  I can also tell you that I would recommend them, and so do my friends.  We all give it 28 paws up.  Go get ya some!!
Disclaimer: in no way paid me or bribe me or twisted my tail.  All they asked is that I give an honest review of SOJO Treats.  And I have.  I even left the remaining treats at my buddy Bert's place so his Vickie could share them with all the dogs staying their.


  1. Mes can tells that those is some terrific treats and Goose, that yous shared those terrific treats tells mes that YOUS is terrific!

  2. Dude,WE just loved loved loved those Chewy treats. thank you so much for sharing...we love you bud.

  3. 28 paws up is a pretty darn good rating!!!! The phrase "twisted your tail" cracked me up!

  4. Yummers... Mabel Lou let me pick this month and I picked by the box... and got TINY treats! But Mabel LOVES them!!!! Sojos ROCK!

  5. Wow, all of you got in on the taste-test! Sounds like these were a big hit.
    Happy Tuesday, furriends!

  6. Goose you are just the kindest pup sharing your treats. We can see they were a big hit. 28 paws up is quite a recommendation. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. That is the way to do it...get lots of opinions and obviously they were extra crowd pleasing

  8. I am singing I feel happy, feel so happy.... the photos make me smile all the way through and just watching them has made me HAPPY.....

  9. WooHoo......YUMMY! come you were the LAST one to get a tweet? Hope there are more leftovers in that bag for a second round. This and Bert FURst.

  10. 28 Paws Up??????? THAT is the Highest Rating a Snack can Pawsibly have !!
    Goose you are such a FINE FUREND to have shared with Bert and Crew. We can TELL that you all enjoyed the Bounty.
    Chewy,com is THE place to go fur Kibble, Treats, and Toys. We just got a box from Chewy YESTERDAY.

  11. I guessed it, Weimaraners are the bestest box-opener. And if I see all your happy faces then I know why you gave Mr. Chewy 28 paws! Have a wonderful tuesday and enjoy all the tasty things!

  12. You even shared all those good treats!!
    Lily & Edward

  13. Sharing? What's sharing? I would have demanded that all the treats belonged to me but Puffy could have any crumbs that fell on the floor - BOL

  14. Goose what a great idea to share with your buds and buddettes. Looks like Chewy has a bunch of new lovers. All of the pups at Bert's place have excellent manners
    Hugs madi your bfff

  15. Oh, you are a good pal Goose!!! Sure looks like you and all your Furiends really enjoyed the treaties!!! Okays, now me! I'll take one please!
    Ruby ♥

  16. Wow, that is quite a treat party you guys had! I'm not so good a sharing but I would have loved to be in on that!

  17. We love Mr. Chewy!! Guess what came in the mail today for us, Goose, those Kong dental chews, but we are waiting on mom to get home to open them up for us.
    stella rose

  18. We love, really love Chewy's program-what a great way to sample treats and get free advertising for them. So glad you all like the treats-we haven't tried them. Still have lots of others to get too.
    Happy Day!
    Noreen & Hunter

  19. That's certainly a high recommendation!

  20. Goose, Thats so nice of you to share such wonderful treats

    The Mad Scots

  21. We LOVE Chewy! We just got FOUR boxes in the mail from them today.

  22. We love SOJO and Chewy!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  23. What a helper your friend Bert is! And how yummy those treats look. We'll have to look into those for Lilly and Buddy! Yay!