Sunday, November 6, 2011

Prepared For Joy

First I want to start with a few HAT photo’s as per my buddy Bert request.
Oh yea I look good in a hat. Can I pull off the head gear or what?

So today and tonight my MOM is going to preach on Matthew 25:1-13. In shorter form this is how we see it:  It seems that many are preparing for disaster.  But what about being prepared for . . . . joy? What about being prepared for . . . . pleasure? What about being prepared for . . . . blessings?
This gospel reading tells us in parable form how Jesus wants us to be “prepared,” so that we can . . . what? So that we can party . . . with Jesus!
Are you planning for gloomy-doomy scenarios? Or are you full of great expectations? So much of many people’s faith focus has been planning for the end. What happened to celebrating the beginning?
The five “wise bridesmaids” in the scripture were “wise” because they were looking ahead for a party, a party they did not want to miss out on. They were looking forward to being the lamps that lit the way to a joyous banquet, an outpouring of blessings, a fulfillment of hopes and dreams, for something wonderful. They were not looking to spotlight some deep, dark black hole of despair.
We need to stop being on the “look out” for bad news. The world does that expertly without our help. We are not called to be on the “look out” for disasters and destruction, doom and gloom. We are called to be on the “look out” for God’s unexpected, unpredictable appearance in our midst. We are called to be on the lookout for good news, for all those unexpected gifts from God that explode like popcorn kernels in our lives.
Instead of stoically stockpiling cans of food and bottles of water, what if we were known for planting gardens, new seeds for the new future?
Instead of storing blankets and juicing up generators, what if we were known for bringing blankets to those who are shivering and planting trees to shelter the next generation of children to help them breathe?
Instead of hunkering in a bunker fearing the onslaught of evil, what if we were known for taking whatever light you have and go looking for something good? What if we took seriously our mission to bear the light, and left it to Jesus to be the light?
God’s first command in the Bible is “Eat Freely” (Gen. 2:16). God’s last command in the Bible is “Drink Freely” (Revelation 22:17). Everything in between is a table on which is spread out a banquet. Not a snack. Not a smorgasbord where you can take what you like and leave what you don’t like. On the table is spread a life-course meal. Are you prepared, prepared for joy and blessings, for something wonderful? Are you prepared for the party?
I woould also add:
Happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail.


  1. Hey Goose, Great pictures with the hats. So glad you are entering.

    And don't worry, all the girls don't like me, there are a few that think you are sweet and lovable too.

    So now me and My Vickie are going to go out and drink and eat freely of the joys of life.

    thanks so much for your words today.


  2. Preach on!! Amen and Hallelujah!! We are prepared for JOY which is a state of being not a mood to be changed!!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  3. You have lots of great hats!

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. Great hats, great message, Goose!! Thanks, and have a great week!!

    -Bart and Ruby